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UNLIMITED STREAMING & WIFI: the services available on board

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There are various reasons why a person or a company may wish to charter a private jet. One of them is the possibility of continuing to work, even in the air, by having wifi. This makes it possible to make the most of the time spent in the plane, especially on long flights.

In addition to the professional aspect, the development of wifi on board private jets has led to the emergence of sites for in-flight entertainment. More and more aircraft are offering customers a streaming platform, providing them with a large catalogue of films, series and magazines.


Is it possible to have wifi on board the plane ?

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In order to meet your needs to the best of our ability, AEROAFFAIRES makes every effort to offer you the most comprehensive and modern services.

For some of our customers, borrowing a private jet is a professional obligation. Therefore, having a high quality internet connection is essential. It is important to be available and reachable so as not to miss the latest crucial information before the start of a meeting.

In addition, wifi also allows you to keep in touch with friends and family, especially on long journeys.

On Earth, wifi has an average speed of 55 MPS while in the air it is 1.7 / 2.0.


Access to wifi varies from continent to continent.

In the US, having wifi is more common during a flight. Why is this? The reason lies in the facilities that allow access to Wi-Fi. Indeed, the Americans have relays on the ground. For Europeans, on the other hand, satellite networks are used. Faced with this complexity, an internet connection is therefore mostly offered as an option and therefore has to be paid for.

Finally, only certain devices have Internet access. In most cases, these are aircraft offered on long flights. This is the case with the Challenger 650, the Falcon 7X and the Global 6000, which offer on-board wifi.

Having an internet connection is essential, which is why 98% of private jets will be equipped with wifi by 2030.


What other services may be available on board ?

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A flight from Paris to New York lasts 8 hours, so time can quickly be of the essence and the desire for entertainment is strong, especially when travelling with the family.

The development of internet access on board private jets has also opened the door to new services. It is now possible to take advantage of streaming platforms, allowing access to the latest films, all your favourite series and a wide range of magazines, depending on your preferences.

Streaming sites will keep all private jet travellers busy, with the multitude of programmes on offer, appealing to both children and adults.

Streaming goes a step further by offering the possibility to follow all the information about the flight in real time. Thanks to an interactive map, your children will be captivated and will be able to discover the route taken by the plane as well as its geographical location. Thus, this flight will bring an educational dimension, while keeping them busy.

Depending on the type of streaming platform used, the aircraft will have to be compatible with it.


AEROAFFAIRES does everything possible to ensure that you have the most enjoyable flight possible. Our team is at your disposal 24/7 for any additional information you may require on 01 44 09 91 82.