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5 preconceived ideas about business aviation

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Private aviation is subject to many preconceived ideas that tarnish its image. Namely: you have to be very wealthy to afford this luxury product, but also, private jet trips are less safe than commercial flights… We give you 5 prejudices about private jets and explain why they are generally unfounded.


1- Private aviation: it’s only for business trips


So yes, it is true that business aviation by definition is for business… But not only! Did you know that you can book a private plane for a group flight? It can be for example for the displacement of a sports team but also for the employees of a company going to a seminar. It is also possible to book a private jet for cargo flights to transport goods. Finally, you should know that with the coronavirus epidemic, medical flights such as medical repatriations, which already had a place in the demands of private aviation, have increased significantly. Finally, for leisure, it is quite possible to book a private jet to go on vacation or to take a helicopter ride!


2- Traveling by private jet: it’s expensive!


Compared to a trip by car or train, we are not on the same price list. But let’s not compare apples with oranges. It is to know that the price of a private jet is sometimes much more advantageous than a journey in commercial aviation. In addition, it is important to note the considerable time savings when traveling by private jet. The average waiting time before the flight on a private jet is 10 minutes, compared to several hours in a commercial aviation terminal.

While the cost per hour of private jet travel is generally higher than that of a commercial flight (low-cost or not), one must also consider all the savings made outside of the trip itself. Business aviation is a customized service. Take off from where you want, when you want! For 1 airport in commercial aviation, there are 10 airports where private jets can access. You are as close as possible to your desired destinations, which avoids transfers and longer travel times. This flexibility can also save you hotel costs for example, because you can easily make round trips in the same day.

Let’s take a simple example, you want to book a group flight for your SME or ETI. 80 people need to travel from Paris to Ibiza. AEROAFFAIRES, a private aviation broker, will find you a business jet that suits your needs. According to estimates, the cost of this type of service starts at €50,000. That is, the rate per person starts at €625! For a plane reserved only for your company, with comfort, tranquility, confidentiality and time saving guaranteed, the advantages are multiple and not only economic.


3- Private jets are reserved for the rich


Crédit photo : Unsplash

Echoing the above preconceived notion, we think that business aviation is only reserved for a certain elite. Famous people, footballers, politicians, actors, show business personalities or even very wealthy people… However, business aviation is a real productivity tool for companies, and not only for large groups. There are also small and medium sized companies wishing to save their time (and therefore their money) by opting for the efficiency and profitability of business aviation for their professional trips. The return on investment and the benefits that private aviation offers are very important. Moreover, as mentioned above, other services are offered by business aviation, such as medical repatriation for example, which is not only accessible by wealthy people.


4- Private jet flights: less secure?


Are they less safe than commercial flights? This is not true, and in order to understand this, we need to make the difference between Public Passenger Transport (PPT or PT for Public Transport), and Private Transport.

Despite the term “private” in “private aviation” or “private jet”, business aviation is subject to the regulations of Public Transport of Passengers. This regulation also governs commercial aviation, so both are subject to the same rules and evaluation criteria at all levels: safety, aircraft maintenance, regular medical check-up of pilots, aircraft insurance, etc… No difference at this level is to be noted! This prejudice is then good to be forgotten!


5- Booking a private jet is complicated


I’m sorry to say that booking a private jet is not complicated! At AEROAFFAIRES, all you have to do is contact us (online or by phone) and tell us what you want to do. Then we’ll take care of everything! We will find and propose several offers and options with different aircraft models to suit your criteria, all you have to do is choose. Then, like all the procedures of booking a trip, we will need the necessary information for your flight (like the identity papers but also the luggage you will carry for example). Nothing more complicated!

Once you’ve broken the mould, it’s easier to choose business aviation. AEROAFFAIRES will answer your questions after you request a quote online or by phone at +33 1 44 09 91 82.