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Can everything be brought on board a private jet?

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A private jet is often considered a luxurious means of transportation, offering a certain level of comfort and flexibility. A symbol of luxury and sometimes of ‘no limits’, one could almost imagine that anything is possible on board a private jet, provided certain privileges are obtained. But what about reality? Did you know that there are restrictions on board a private jet? Can you bring anything and everything on board a private jet? Can everything be brought on board a private jet? That’s what AEROAFFAIRES invites you to discover.


What are the rules to follow on board a private jet regarding personal items?


Security rules must be followed by passengers:


Firstly, there are safety rules to be followed. Potentially dangerous items, such as firearms, explosives, chemicals, and controlled drugs, are prohibited on board the cabin of all aircraft, including private jets. Air safety regulations are strict and cannot be ignored.


Size restrictions must be respected:


Secondly, there are restrictions on bulky items. Private jets generally have limited storage space, so it is important to limit yourself to what is absolutely necessary for the trip. Bulky items, such as sports equipment, furniture, and pets, may not be allowed on board depending on the size of the aircraft and the availability of storage space.


Customs and security regulations specific to the destination country must be respected:


It is also important to respect the customs and security regulations of the state you are traveling to. For example, certain food and plant products may be prohibited in certain countries and must be declared to customs authorities. It is therefore advisable to check local regulations before departing. Notify the AEROAFFAIRES team if you wish to travel with food. We will be able to inform you if they are allowed or not.


Maximum weight capacity of the private jet must be respected:


Finally, it is important to consider the weight limitations of the aircraft. Private jets have weight limits to ensure flight safety, and excess weight can result in additional costs. It is therefore wise to plan ahead and check weight limits with the air broker before packing.


What can you bring on board a private jet:


Although there are restrictions on board a private jet, the advantage of business aviation is that there is a certain flexibility. This allows for solutions to be found when there is a need to transport particular objects or pets. The rules for what you can bring on board a private jet may vary depending on the private jet company and destination. Here is a list of what you can generally bring on board a private jet.




You can bring suitcases, backpacks, travel bags, and other similar items. The quantity and size of luggage may be limited by the weight and space available on the aircraft.”




It is generally possible to travel with a pet on board a private jet, but this may vary depending on the private jet company and local regulations. It is important to check the policy regarding pets. Some private jet companies do not allow pets on board, while others may have specific requirements regarding size, weight, type of animal, and vaccination. When requesting your flight, specify to the AEROAFFAIRES team that you want to bring your pet. This way, we will be able to give you the conditions to be met for your pet’s travel to be possible on a private jet.

If you plan to fly on a private jet with a pet, it is also important to check the entry and exit requirements for pets in the countries you will visit. Pets may require vaccinations, health certificates, and other documents to travel abroad. It is also important to prepare your pet for the journey by providing them with a comfortable space, water, and food during the flight. We recommend consulting your veterinarian for advice on preparing your pet for the private jet journey.


Electronic devices:


On board a private jet, electronic devices are allowed. Thus, you can bring :

  • cell phones
  • tablets
  • laptops
  • music players, and other similar electronic devices.


Firearms and weapons:


The transport of weapons on board a private jet depends on the laws and regulations specific to the countries of origin and destination, as well as the policies of the private jet company.

In general, it is possible to transport weapons on board a private jet, but there are strict security and declaration requirements, especially if you are traveling with firearms.

In addition, many private jet companies have their own policies regarding the transport of weapons on board. Some companies may require prior notification.

AEROAFFAIRES will communicate with the private jet company before the flight to discuss their policies on weapon transport and obtain the necessary information on declaration and security requirements. Thus, AEROAFFAIRES will be able to indicate all the conditions to be met for your weapons to be transported in the best conditions.


Sports equipment allowed on board a private jet:


AEROAFFAIRES regularly transports sports teams for international competitions, which requires the private jet transport of sports equipment.

In most cases, it is possible to transport sports equipment on board a private jet.

However, the policies of the airline may vary depending on the type of sports equipment you are transporting and the size of the aircraft.

In general, most private jet companies allow the transport of :

  • skis
  • snowboards
  • surfboards
  • golf equipment
  • fishing equipment
  • hunting equipment
  • scuba diving equipment
  • racquet sports equipment
  • bike equipment, and other similar sports equipment.


However, it is important to check with AEROAFFAIRES for policies regarding the transport of sports equipment.

Thus, you ensure that the equipment can be safely transported on board the aircraft. Some sports equipment may be bulky or cumbersome, which may affect the amount of storage space available on board the aircraft. A

EROAFFAIRES, in consultation with the airline, will indicate if size or weight restrictions apply to your sports equipment.


With AEROAFFAIRES, bring whatever you want on board your private jet.


In summary, you cannot bring everything you want on board a private jet. There are restrictions on safety, volume, customs regulations, and weight limits that must be respected.

It is therefore important to plan ahead and check restrictions before packing for your private jet flight. However, as an air broker, AEROAFFAIRES provides advice and assistance to help you bring what you want on board your private jet.

When requesting a private jet charter, please let us know what you would like to bring with you. To do so, contact AEROAFFAIRES at +33 1 44 09 91 82, by email at, or fill out our online quote form. We will respond in less than 2 hours