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Flying on a private jet for the first time: what should you expect?

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This is it. You’re about to fly on a private jet for the first time. You’ve already started planning your trip: suitcases, passports, tickets… However, one question still remains: what should you expect from this first experience, and how should you prepare for it? AEROAFFAIRES tells you everything you need to know about what comes with this first flight. We will go through every steps of a private jet flight, and see how private jet brokers such as AEROAFFAIRES strive to ensure a high-quality service.


Boarding a private jet for the first time


Every flight, whether local or international, begins with the boarding process. For commercial airlines passengers, this step is generally quite stressful, and can often be long and unpleasant. Customers may sometimes have to walk all along the airport while making sure they have enough time to board on time. Private aviation offers the solution to both these inconveniences.


Flexible destinations


While commercial aviation only has access to 40 airports in the United Kingdom, private aviation can reach 140 of them, almost 4 times as many. On a European level, there are 10 times more private jet-accessible airports compared to commercial aviation. Therefore, charter flights offer a higher level of flexibility by limiting the distances separating customers from their destination. A these airports are much smaller, they can be located much closer to city centers, allowing significant time-saving upon arrival.


Optimal waiting time


Commercial airlines boarding process includes different steps such as baggage check-ins, X-rays, or customs (when necessary) that are generally time-consuming. A commercial flight from London to Edinburgh can go up to 4hours, while the actual flight time is only of an hour.


Commercial airlines’ boarding process includes different steps such as baggage check-ins, X-rays, or customs (when necessary) that are generally time-consuming. A commercial flight from London to Edinburgh can go up to 4 hours, while the actual flight time is only of an hour. For a private jet flight, these delays are significantly reduced: the average time spent in a terminal is only about 10 minutes. For the same flight, you can save more than half the time usually spent traveling. Moreover, you are free to set your schedule, getting rid of any impractical time constraints that often come with flying.

Your first flight on a private jet


Now that you know everything about boarding, you might still wonder how is flying privately so different from the first class of commercial airlines. Private jet charter companies like AEROAFFAIRES provide you with a tailor-made service and high-level comfort. Our attentive staff is at your disposal to ensure your safety on board. 


Luxury comfort on board

Flying privately with AEROAFFAIRES provides you with a wide range of aircrafts to chose from: from light jets such as the Phenom 300 to turboprop aircraft like the Pilatus PC 12, private flights offer a high level of comfort you wouldn’t get flying with a commercial airline. The spacious cabins provide you with the best environment, whether you want to work or just have a rest during the flight.


An expert staff at your disposal 

Dedicated crew members will also ensure the proper unfolding of your flight. Once aboard, enjoy the presence of a highly qualified personnel able to meet your every need. Depending on the size of your aircraft, you may take advantage of many other benefits. Hungry? A flight attendant will be tasked with serving food and beverages during the flight. An important business lunch is planned? A catering crew can be directly assigned to your flight. This tailored service is offered to ensure a memorable first private jet experience.


Guaranteed safety


Just like commercial aviation, private jets must be infallible safety-wise. An Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) is required for each operator, and regular crew and aircraft inspections are led by certified inspectors. Private jet flights are bound by the same safety rules as commercial flights and are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), or the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).


Moreover, private air brokers such as AEROAFFAIRES even offer protection services to their clients. This option allows you to benefit from official personnel in charge of your safety and comfort. A driver and bodyguards can accompany you and ensure your well-being.


Upon Arrival


Don’t worry, the experience does not end when you land. Private flight brokers offer you a high-quality transfer to your final destination. You can chose within several options such as taxis, private drivers, limousines, or even private helicopters.

All these steps are put in place to make your first flight as enjoyable and complete as possible. Business aviation is a really good opportunity for private customers, but also for companies.


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