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In the saga of Agent 007, between guns, luxurious cars and gadgets of all kinds, there are also flying machines! Private jet or helicopter, on the occasion of the release in theaters of the long awaited James Bond: No Time To Die, let’s go back on the models that accompanied the hero of these cult films.


The Lockheed Jetstar

In 1964, the film Goldfinger was released and the James Bond of the time was played by Sean Connery. The mythical scene where the great villain Auric Goldfinger dies, takes place in the most popular and modern private jet of the 60s. The great enemy of the British agent is eliminated by being ejected through a window of the private jet, while the James Bond Girl Pussy Galore pilots the plane. Moreover, it is in this same film that we also see the appearance of a Hiller OH-23 Raven helicopter.


Private jet James Bond
Credit: Lockheed Jetstar – Movie: Goldfinger


Brantly B2

In You only live twice, released in 1967, the appearance of helicopters is unanimously appreciated by fans. The Brantly B2, for example, is piloted by the film’s villain. Indeed, despite the vulnerability of a helicopter in action scenes, on a cinematic level it represents power and wealth, often attributed to enemies. In real life, this helicopter is also a hit. Arriving on the market in 1950, it has produced around 350 units.


hélicopter James Bond
Credit: Brantly B2 – Movie: You only live twice


The Cessna 140

For the time being, it’s a small touring plane with the same name as its manufacturer, manufactured in the post-war period. On board, Roger Moore in Live and Let Die, released in 1973. The agent 007 climbs urgently in this small plane to try to escape a bad situation.


Private jet James Bond
Credit: Cessna – Movie: Live and Let Die


The Bell 206 JetRanger

This is perhaps the helicopter that has been through the James Bond saga the most. It has been seen in no less than 7 films from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service released in 1969 to Never Say Never Again released in 1983. Manufactured by Bell in Texas, it was one of the most popular helicopters.


hélicopter James Bond
Credit: Bell – Movie: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


The Bede BD-5J

This is the smallest jet in the world and Roger Moore had the chance to fly it in 1983 for the movie Octopussy. This small jet forces its pilot to lie down and to fly in a very narrow cockpit. Here, there is no room for two! In the movie, this plane which weighs less than 200 kilos is equipped with folding wings, this option was only presented on the screen because it did not exist in real life. It is in this same film that the Beech Model 18 jet from Beechcraft also appears on screen.


Private jet James Bond
Credit: Bede Aircraft – Movie: Octopussy


The Casa C-212

Pierce Brosnan leads the boat, well the jet, in The World Is Not Enough in 1999. He is aboard a French-registered twin turboprop, the CASA C-212. The agent uses this plane for a trip between two countries. These aircraft models were used for logistical and tactical transport.


Private jet James Bond
Credit: CASA – Movie: The World Is Not Enough


The Douglas DC-3

Daniel Craig arrives on the more recent James Bond films, and it is in Quantum of Solace released in 2008 that we see him on board a Douglas DC-3. This twin-engine propeller has a great look. Indeed its color and its raw coating of silver metal color makes a certain effect! In addition, the appearance of the Challenger 600 business jet from Bombardier also points the tip of its nose in the film.


Private jet James Bond
Credit: Douglas – Movie: Quantum of solace


Finally, in the latest James Bond opus, Spectre released in theaters in 2015, there is the appearance of several aircraft. Helicopters like the Hughes MD 500, the Dauphin AS 365 or the Bolkow Bo 105, but also a twin-engine propeller plane Britten-Norman Islander.

Without a doubt, in No Time To Die, accompanying beautiful stunts, we hope to see Daniel Craig aboard an aircraft of the future like a Hermeus Quarterhorse? A Challenger 3500? Or the ACH130 helicopter from Aston Martin? See you at the cinema!


hélicopter ACH 130 Aston Martin
Photo credit: Aston Martin


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