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Are you dreaming of a last-minute getaway on a private jet for an unforgettable weekend? But you don’t have much time left to organise your trip? In this article, we give you all our tips and tricks to organise your trip in the best possible way. AEROAFFAIRES reveals all the tips for booking your private jet trip at the last minute. Discover the best destinations to travel to by private jet.


The advantages of travelling by private jet :


When it comes to private jet travel, there are several advantages:


  • Unparalleled comfort: Private jets offer spacious cabins, luxurious seating and modern amenities. They guarantee the most enjoyable travel experience.


  • Total flexibility: With a private jet, you can choose the flight schedule that suits you best. No need to conform to commercial flight schedules.


  • Increased privacy and security: By avoiding queues and security searches, you can travel in complete privacy. You benefit from a higher level of security.


  • Personalised services: Private jet companies offer a range of bespoke services, from quality catering to ground transfers, to meet your specific needs.


  • Save valuable time: Private jets avoid long stopovers and connections. This allows you to optimise your time and arrive at your destination faster.


  • Accessibility to remote destinations: Private jets offer you the opportunity to reach remote destinations not served by commercial airlines.


  • VIP experience: When travelling by private jet, you get VIP treatment. From start to finish, a personalised and tailor-made service makes your trip exceptional.

How to organise a last-minute weekend in a private jet?


Organising a last-minute weekend on a private jet may seem like a challenge. But with a few tips, you can make it happen.


First of all, contact a specialist air broker, such as AEROAFFAIRES. Tell them what you need, what your trip is. The air broker knows the availability of aircraft and crews. They will organise your private jet trip at the last minute.

These brokers are linked to a variety of operators. They offer you flexible options in terms of destination, departure time and aircraft type.


Finally, don’t forget to plan all the logistical details. Think about ground transfers and accommodation. This way you can enjoy a stress-free weekend.


With these tips, you can plan a last-minute private jet weekend. You will enjoy an exclusive and tailor-made travel experience.


Is it more expensive to book a private jet at the last minute?


You are hesitating between booking a business class flight and opting for a private jet. An important question arises: is it more expensive to book a private jet at the last minute?

When it comes to private jet travel, planning is key. In general, aviation experts advise booking your private jet flight in advance. This ensures that the aircraft is available and that you get the best fares. However, if you need to book at the last minute, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Private jet fares vary considerably depending on a number of factors. These may include

  • the destination
  • the length of the flight
  • the size of the aircraft
  • availability.

One of the main reasons why private jet fares can be higher at the last minute is fluctuating demand. Private jet operators manage their fleet based on advance bookings and forecasts.

In addition, schedule flexibility can also be a factor. When you book in advance, you are more likely to find slots that meet your needs. However, at the last minute, time slots are limited. This may force you to choose more expensive options.

It is also important to note that private jet fares can be influenced by special events. Peak periods and tourist seasons are some examples.

In comparison, business class fares can also increase at the last minute. Especially if you are looking for popular flights or popular destinations.


What situations make it necessary to book a flight at the last minute?


Sometimes emergency situations may require a last-minute private jet booking. Here are some concrete cases where such a decision may be justified:

  1. Medical emergencies: When it comes to transporting patients in need, every minute counts. Private medical jets offer specialised medical equipment and teams to ensure in-flight care. In medical emergency situations, it may be imperative to book a private jet at the last minute. A private jet ensures fast and safe transport to the appropriate medical facility.
  2. Major family events: Unexpected family situations, such as last minute weddings, family reunions or important ceremonies, may require quick and unrestricted travel. In these cases, a private jet can provide a customized solution. It allows family members to get together quickly, regardless of their location.
  3. Business emergencies: Entrepreneurs, business leaders or senior executives may face business emergencies. These may require immediate travel. These may include:
    • Seizing an important business opportunity
    • dealing with critical issues
    • attending last minute strategic meetings.

In such situations, a private jet provides maximum flexibility and saves considerable time.

  • Sports and entertainment events: Professional sportsmen, artists or celebrities may need to move quickly from one place to another. This is particularly the case for events such as sports competitions, concerts or filming. In these circumstances, booking a private jet at the last minute offers the convenience of direct, personalised flights. While avoiding the constraints of commercial flights.


The best destinations for a last-minute weekend :


Looking for the best destinations for a last-minute private jet weekend? Here are some suggestions that promise memorable experiences:


Saint-Tropez, France :


Famous for its glamorous beaches, luxurious yachts and lively atmosphere, Saint Tropez is a popular destination for private jet travellers. Enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine. Discover its designer boutiques. Savour the fine cuisine. And dance the night away in its famous clubs.


Ibiza, Espagne :


If you’re looking for a party getaway, Ibiza is the place to be. Known for its electrifying nightlife, this Spanish island also offers beautiful beaches, renowned restaurants and spectacular sunsets. Relax on the sandy beaches. Dance to the beat of the best DJs in the famous clubs.


Marrakech, Maroc :


Immerse yourself in the exoticism of Marrakech. Discover its bustling souks, sumptuous palaces and lush gardens. Stroll through the historic medina. Soak up the scents and flavours of Moroccan cuisine. And relax in a traditional hammam for an authentic experience.


Monaco :


Renowned for its glamour and opulence, Monaco is a must-see destination for private jet travellers. Admire the luxury cars. Play at the casino, attend prestigious events and explore the beauty of the French Riviera. Also enjoy the breathtaking views from the famous Monaco Rock.


Les Maldives :


For a heavenly getaway, the Maldives offers white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and absolute tranquillity. Spend your days relaxing in stilted villas. Dive into the coral reefs or be pampered in luxury spas. The Maldives is a dream destination for travellers seeking relaxation and natural beauty.


These destinations all offer unique experiences. They are easily accessible by private jet. This makes for a luxurious weekend and last-minute discoveries.


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