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Olympic Games 2024: how to organise the transport of teams by plane?

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The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are fast approaching. The capital is preparing to receive thousands of athletes, officials and spectators from all over the world. An event of this magnitude means having to worry about the transport of teams, staff, equipment and supporters. AEROAFFAIRES explains how to organise the transport of teams by private plane for the 2024 Olympic Games. In this article, you will discover why opting for tailor-made aviation can ensure comfortable and efficient transport for Olympic teams.



Olympic Games 2024: Is the private plane the ideal solution for transporting sports teams?


In the context of an event of the scale of the Olympic Games, the private jet can be an ideal means of transport thanks to a number of advantages including


  • speed and flexibility
  • undeniable comfort
  • guaranteed safety
  • cargo capacity


J0 2024: Private aviation ensures speed and flexibility for sports teams.


With the competition venues for the 2024 Olympics spread across France, what better way to connect them efficiently than by plane? It is a fast and flexible means of transport for both spectators and athletes.


The option is relevant for Olympic teams with busy schedules and specific needs. Commercial aviation is not always suited to the high standards, comfort and punctuality required by top athletes.


A private jet flight is the assurance of arriving directly at your destination, without a stopover and without transfers. The tailor-made service allows us to determine the ideal time and avoid any loss of time. The journey can thus allow the teams to :


  • rest and recuperate
  • concentrate for the upcoming event
  • not be bothered by supporters during travel


J0 2024: Private aviation provides unparalleled comfort for sports teams.


The comfort offered by a private jet ride can be particularly beneficial for teams participating in the 2024 Games. The specific needs of athletes for recovery and physical preparation are taken into consideration during the flight.


With a spacious cabin and comfortable seats, passengers can rest and relax during the journey. In-flight facilities such as TV, entertainment systems and Wi-Fi connection help to make the journey more enjoyable.


We are also able to tailor the services offered to the specific needs of each team. This can include :

  • catering, with menus adapted to the sports and competition
  • concierge services
  • specific facilities for athletes to rest and recover after the event

J0 2024: Private aviation offers sports teams optimal security.


The transportation of athletes to the 2024 Olympic Games is also a major safety issue for the organisers. Chartering business jets is a safe solution for the teams involved in the event.


The aircraft we charter are systematically certified as Public Passenger Transport. The private jets are equipped with advanced technology to ensure safety in flight while the crew is trained and competent. This guarantees a safe and smooth flight.


In addition, business aviation terminals, also known as FBOs, are much quieter than traditional airports or train stations. This ensures the peace and quiet of the athletes and their teams. Business aviation also avoids the risks associated with commercial flights, such as delays, cancellations and lost luggage.


Business aviation also means no queuing and much faster customs and security clearance than commercial aviation.


Finally, we can tailor security services to the specific needs of each team. This includes personal security services for athletes or special security measures for fragile sports equipment.



Olympic Games 2024: The chartering of a private plane to ensure the logistics of the equipment.


Chartering a cargo plane for logistical purposes allows equipment and supplies to be transported quickly to the competition sites. This offers the possibility of transporting large quantities of equipment in one go, reducing the number of trips required.


Air freight is also particularly relevant for the transport of bulky or heavy equipment such as certain sports equipment: javelins, hurdles, weights, etc.


Finally, air freight responds to issues specific to the sports world, such as the transport of horses by cargo plane. These animals will obviously be necessary for the equestrian events of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, which will take place in the gardens of the Château de Versailles.



The 2024 Olympics: A laboratory for innovation in private aviation.


The 2024 Olympic Games are also a unique opportunity for aeronautics startups to present their projects. In fact, the event will be an opportunity for some companies to test and develop their latest innovations.


This is particularly the case for Volocopter, whose flying taxis will probably be put into service during the Paris Olympic Games. They will be used to link the various major airports in the Paris region. The aircraft have already obtained EU certification!


This event with international repercussions is therefore a major challenge for the transport sector. With its large volume of passengers and its very specific needs, all the players in the sector must be ready to adapt their offer.

Olympic Games 2024: Transport your teams by private plane with AEROAFFAIRES.


Business aviation is ready to offer its services for the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The 2024 Olympic Games will require a great deal of travel, and the solution is to transport the teams by private plane. At AEROAFFAIRES we are available 24/7 to meet all your flight requirements. Based in Paris, the company will be at the heart of the next Olympic Games and intends to respond to the various needs. We are able to charter aircraft of any size, anywhere in the world.

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