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Davos: introduction


Would you like to hire a private jet or helicopter for a business trip to Davos in Switzerland ? AEROAFFAIRES offers a private jet rental service at the best rates.

Nestled in the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps, Davos stands out not only for its exceptional Alpine beauty, but also for its leading role as an emblematic venue for global dialogue. This picturesque town in the canton of Graubünden is much more than just an Alpine holiday destination.

Davos achieves international renown each year by hosting the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), where world leaders, visionary entrepreneurs and influential thinkers converge to discuss the challenges and opportunities shaping our planet. Discover with AEROAFFAIRES the characteristics of this unique location.


Davos: a little history


Davos has a rich history, closely linked to its exceptional Alpine environment and its transformation from a pastoral community to a global crossroads of economic dialogue.

In the 13th century, Davos was mainly used as a grazing area for cattle. In the 19th century, however, the town took a major turn with the development of tourism. The discovery of clean air and spectacular scenery attracted the first visitors in search of health benefits. The first hotels were built to accommodate these visitors, laying the foundations for the tourism industry that still characterizes the town today.

The development of Davos as a leading winter destination was aided by the construction of the railroad in the region. Easier access opened the door to an influx of visitors seeking to enjoy winter sports activities. The first ski resort in Davos, Parsenn, opened in 1931, further cementing its reputation as a paradise for alpine sports enthusiasts.

Davos was also the birthplace of an important cultural figure, the Expressionist painter and sculptor Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, who resided in the town from 1917 to 1938. His former home is now a museum, attracting art lovers from all over the world.

However, Davos’ worldwide fame is not limited to its natural charms. In 1971, the town hosted the first annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). Since then, the Davos meeting has become a global platform for political, business and intellectual leaders, shaping the future of the world economy and encouraging dialogue between the public and private sectors.


How to reach Davos


Reaching Davos via private aviation involves landing at the nearest airports equipped to handle private jets, primarily Samedan Airport (SMV) or Engadin Airport near St. Moritz. From there, travelers can arrange ground transportation or helicopter transfers to reach Davos. It’s essential to coordinate with local services, plan the flight appropriately, and consider weather conditions, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey for business or leisure travel.


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As experts in air charter for over 30 years, AEROAFFAIRES is capable of arranging any flight you desire, whether it’s to a popular destination or a small local airport. We provide the same high-quality service and support for all your travel needs.

To request a personalized, no-obligation quote, our aviation experts are available 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or via email at charter@aeroaffaires.com. You can also fill out our online quote form and receive a response within two hours.

Useful information

Samedan airport coordinates:

46° 32′ 04″ nord, 9° 53′ 02″ est



Location & access

The main airport used by passengers by private plane to get to Davos is Zurich Airport, 150 km from Davos city centre, or 1 hour and 45 minutes by car. To get to Davos easily, we organize the helicopter transfer from the Davos-Stilli heliport. The transfer takes 30 minutes by helicopter, and all passengers coming from abroad have the opportunity to clear customs before boarding.

Samedan Saint Moritz airport is the closest to Davos. It is also at altitude and therefore subject to the vagaries of weather conditions. Only 66 km from Davos, however, access by road is winding.

AEROAFFAIRES also offers a helicopter transfer service to the city centre of Davos from Geneva, Vienna, Zurich, Rome, Florence or Milan: an opportunity to discover the city from the sky and optimise your time.


Where to stay?

AlpenGold Hotel is a 5 star hotel near Lake Davos. With breathtaking mountain views, the hotel offers spa services and a few restaurants.

What to do?

You can go for a walk in the Davos Village, try paragliding above the mountains or go to the famous ski station.

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  • Is Davos a popular ski destination?

    Yes, Davos is one of the world’s most famous ski destinations. It offers several ski areas, including Parsenn, Jakobshorn and Rinerhorn, suitable for different levels of ability.

  • What are the tourist attractions in Davos?

    Davos offers year-round activities, including skiing in winter, hiking in summer and various cultural events. Notable attractions include the frozen Davos Lake, the Kirchner Museum and the RhB panorama railroad.

  • What are Davos' culinary specialities?

    Davos cuisine reflects the influence of the Swiss Alps. Traditional dishes include fondue, raclette and rösti, as well as local specialties based on fresh mountain produce. Visitors can also sample renowned Swiss desserts such as muesli.

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