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Kristiansand: introduction


Want to get to Kristiansand? Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, AEROAFFAIRES can get you there by private jet at the best possible price.

Kristiansand is a dynamic Norwegian seaside town combining the charm of its historic districts with the modern pleasures of coastal life. Kristiansand seduces with its white sandy beaches, lush green parks and rich cultural heritage.


Kristiansand : a little history


Kristiansand’s history dates back to the 17th century, when King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway decided to found a town on Norway’s southern coast. The town was erected in 1641 and named after the king, combining “Christian” and “sand” meaning “beach”.

Over the centuries, Kristiansand has played a vital role in Norway’s maritime development. As a strategic port, it has been the scene of numerous shipping, trading and fishing events. Influences from continental Europe and Denmark have also left their mark on the town’s architecture, as can be seen in the historic Posebyen district with its colorful wooden houses.

In the 19th century, Kristiansand experienced significant growth thanks to the rise of industry and commerce. The city continued to prosper throughout the 20th century, weathering the trials of the Second World War and emerging resiliently in the post-war period.

Today, Kristiansand remains a major economic and cultural center on the Norwegian coast. Its rich maritime heritage is celebrated through sites such as the Maritime Museum, while Dyreparken, the zoo and amusement park, attracts visitors from all over the world.


Getting to Kristiansand


Reaching Kristiansand by business aviation transforms a simple trip into an exceptional travel experience. Kristiansand Airport, specially adapted for business aviation, welcomes travelers with convenient proximity and tailor-made services.

By choosing a renowned business aviation provider, travelers benefit from hassle-free planning, flexible scheduling and the luxury of a selection of aircraft tailored to their specific needs.

This personalized approach ensures not only an efficient journey, but also an elegant arrival in Kristiansand, underscoring the splendor of this Norwegian coastal destination. Ground services are also available to and from Kristiansand airport.


Kristiansand with AEROAFFAIRES


Experts in private aircraft charter, AEROAFFAIRES offers VIP, personalized service at the best price. Whatever aircraft you are looking for, your dedicated flight consultant will provide you with 24/7 assistance up to 2 hours before your flight.

AEROAFFAIRES is also committed to sustainable development. We have created the SkyCO2 program in partnership with associations fighting deforestation in South America, and thus offset 100% of the CO2 emitted by our private flights.

To request a personalized, no-obligation quote, our aviation experts are available 24/7 at +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or via email at You can also fill out our online quote form and receive a response within two hours.

Price estimate for the rental of a private jet

Paris-Kristiansand : from €10000

Useful information

Kristiansand Kjevik Airport:


58° 12′ 14″ north, 8° 05′ 06″ east



Location & access

Kristiansand airport to city center:

Approx. 15min by car

AEROAFFAIRES can provide ground transportation to and from the airport.


Where to stay in Kristiansand?

AEROAFFAIRES recommends staying at the Clarion Hotel. This 4-star hotel offers restaurant services and a gym.

What to do in Kristiansand

  • Explore the Kristiansand archipelago by boat: Take a boat trip to explore the picturesque archipelago off Kristiansand. Peaceful islands, secluded coves and panoramic views await you.
  • Enjoy the beaches of Kristiansand: white-sand beaches such as Hamresanden invite you to relax and enjoy water sports. Soak up the Norwegian sunshine with a swim or try your hand at water sports.
  • Stroll through Posebyen, Kristiansand’s historic district: Stroll through the picturesque streets of Posebyen, Kristiansand’s historic district. Admire the colorful wooden houses, imbued with a charming atmosphere and rich history.
  • How do I book a flight to Kristiansand?

    To book a flight to Kristiansand, you can contact an airline broker who will propose the best option for your needs.

  • When is the best time to visit Kristiansand?

    The best time to visit Kristiansand is generally during the summer months, from June to August, when the weather is milder and outdoor activities are more enjoyable.

  • How to get around Kristiansand?

    Kristiansand has a well-developed bus network, offering a convenient way to get around the city and its surroundings. Rail and air links also complete the transport network.