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Is smoking allowed in a private jet?

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The aviation world is regulated by numerous rules that everyone must comply with. For instance, it is strictly forbidden to light a cigarette on a commercial flight, but what about private aviation? AEROAFFAIRES provides you with more information on whether smoking is allowed in a private jet.

Is smoking prohibited in a private jet?

You smoke and are about to travel on a private jet? You wonder if you will be allowed to smoke or vape inside the aircraft?

In some cases, the rules to be followed in private jets are similar to those for commercial flights: smoking is not allowed on board. Furthermore, part of the fleet of aircraft in operation, including those chartered by AEROAFFAIRES, are non-smoking.

However, it should be pointed out that business aviation is a market based on exceptions. Its professionals, including AEROAFFAIRES, are more than attentive to the needs of their customers. Everything can be done to meet your requirements.

What are the current regulations?

Smoking was not always prohibited on flights, and it was quite common to see passengers smoking during their flights in the 1960s.

This began to end in the 1970s, as United Airlines introduced a non-smoking area on its planes. Other companies gradually followed the lead. In some cases, it was the governments that took responsibility for enforcing the ban.

The purpose of these public health and anti-smoking measures was to reduce the number of passive smokers. In other words, to prevent non-smoking passengers, especially on commercial flights, from being overexposed to smoke.

Law application in private jets

It is essential to note that private jet passengers are required to respect the laws in force. For example, it is not possible to use illicit substances in a private jet, or you might be sent back to the airport!

What are the requirements for smoking on board a private jet?

It is possible to smoke aboard an aircraft when it is a private jet and neither the owner nor the captain have any objection. However, the aircraft must be equipped with an approved fire extinguisher to prevent any incident.

It should also be mentioned that many aircraft are equipped with cigarette lighters and ashtrays, despite the ban.

To guarantee a customized service, AEROAFFAIRES offers to adapt to its customers’ requirements. We will ensure that the aircraft we charter meets your needs, and that smoking is possible if this is one of your criteria.

Is there an extra cost to smoking on board a private jet?

Depending on the airline operator, smoking in the aircraft may incur additional cleaning fees. However, these charges do not always apply.

To find out more, please contact AEROAFFAIRES by e-mail: or by telephone on +33 1 44 09 91 82.

Is it possible to vape in a private jet?

Although the smell of an e-cigarette is not as lingering as a conventional one, vaping may also be subject to certain restrictions.

Again, the possibility of vaping depends on various factors: the airline operator, the aircraft and the captain’s decision.

Why are there restrictions?

There are several reasons for the smoking ban in private jets:

  • To avoid nuisance to other non-smoking passengers
  • To avoid the damage that smoke can cause (smell and deterioration of equipment)
  • Out of consideration for the future passengers of the aircraft

However, in countries where the ban is not a law but a simple rule issued by the companies on the basis of an IATA recommendation, it is still possible to bypass the rules. This can be done by avoiding airlines that prohibit smoking in their aircraft.

Whether or not you can smoke aboard a private jet depends above all on the air quality of the aircraft. This can change depending on the size of the cabin and the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Whether or not smoking is allowed remains at the discretion of the captain. If the latter indicates that the permission is withdrawn, passengers are required to respect this decision.

What are the dangers of smoking on a plane?

Smokers are surely aware that smoking is not harmless. Moreover, smoking on board a private jet involves dangers that are specific to this particular situation.

Indeed, beyond the consequences that smoking can have on health, it has also been a factor in accidents throughout the history of aviation.

  • 1937: A plane crashed in Romania, killing all 6 people on board. A passenger allegedly lit a cigarette, causing fuel fumes to ignite.
  • 1973: A fire in a plane about to land at Orly killed 123 of the 134 passengers. The incident is said to have started after a badly stubbed-out cigarette was thrown into the aircraft’s lavatory bin.

What better way to stop the urge to smoke during the flight for the less reckless!

AEROAFFAIRES invites you to find out more about all the rules to be observed on board a private jet.

Smoking aboard a private jet is possible with AEROAFFAIRES

For more information on smoking in private jets and for any aircraft charter request, contact AEROAFFAIRES on +33 1 44 09 91 82, by email: or fill in our online quote. We will reply as soon as possible.