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Textron presents the new Citation Jet 4 Gen 2

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Competition is getting tougher in the midsize jet range. On Tuesday 9 February 2021, Textron, the parent company of CESSNA aircraft, unveiled the CJ4 Gen 2. This new jet competes with aircraft such as the Falcon 20, the Praetor 600 and the Learjet 60.

Discover in this article the new features of the brand new CJ4 Gen 2 built by CESSNA aircraft.


Technical characteristics on board the CJ4 Gen 2

As its name suggests, this new aircraft is an improved version of the Citation Jet 4 launched in 2010. CESSNA presents its new Gen 2 as a light jet. The range of light jets still leaves something to be desired in comparison with the capabilities of the new CJ4 Gen 2, with technical characteristics very similar to those of the midsize jet range. Whereas the CJ4 is positioned on the light jet range.

Here are the most important technical features of the CJ4 Gen 2:


  • Speed: the CJ4 Gen 2 flies over continents at a speed of 835 km/h. This speed is achieved with Williams FJ44-4A engines.


  • The range: Textron’s newborn will cover 4,010 km. This autonomy will enable it to link Lisbon and Moscow. The Phenom 300, a direct competitor of the CJ4, covers up to 3,600 km.


  • The number of passengers: by flying aboard the CJ4 Gen 2, you will be able to invite up to 9 passengers with you. This gives a total of 10 seats. By way of comparison, the CJ4 can accommodate 9 passengers.


Considering the technical characteristics of the private jet, the CJ4 Gen 2 is a very high-end light jet. It can almost be considered as a midsize private jet, thanks to its superior range and passenger capacity.

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What are the strong points of the CJ4 Gen 2?

The aim of the CJ4 Gen 2 is not to impress with its technical features, although impressive for its range. The aim of this new aircraft is to offer a top-of-the-range cabin. The credo of the private jet is revealing of its ambitions :



The highlight of this new device is therefore in the finesse of its design and its luxurious comfort. CESSNA also provides numerous gadgets to improve the quality of a trip.

Among these new features in the cabin, we count the arrival of roof windows, known as “CoolView”, at the rear of the cabin and in the toilets. These windows allow the cabin to be flooded with natural light. These types of windows first appeared on board the Dassault Falcon 6X.

The CJ4 Gen 2 also has a galley. The galley has refined stone counters. As an option, a high-power electrical outlet is also available in the galley.

On board this new private jet, a new cabin management system is available. With this technology, it is possible to control part of the aircraft cabin. In particular, it is possible to play music on board, or download video files. This system also makes it possible to control the temperature or light on board. The window blinds can also be easily lowered. All these options are available directly from a telephone.

In the same way, each seat has its own USB port for recharging its devices.

The cabin is available in 10 different colours, in addition to the customisable option. The CJ4 Gen 2 also benefits from a new staircase to get on board. The latter is equipped with a handrail to facilitate boarding. It is possible to order the appliance in the “premier” range, which means that you can benefit from a sink and washbasin as well as more comfortable seats.

As far as the cockpit is concerned, it is possible to make a request to equip it with the Garmin G3000 avionics suite. This latest-generation software guarantees IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) piloting in the best conditions.


When will the CJ4 Gen 2 be available? And at what price?

CESSNA forecasts its first sales for the end of the first quarter of 2021. The aircraft has FAA certification, i.e. that of public transport in Europe. The CJ4 Gen 2 is available from $10.75 million.


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