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The private jets of Karim Oussanaa After being rejected by ordinary clubs to become an essential carrier for soccer stars: the former player Karim Oussanaa, 23, has become the preferred intermediary to organize trips in private jets in a new fashionable profession Behind the scenes of the soccer business.


The story of Karim Oussanaa


Karim Oussanaa is a former amateur soccer player. His goal was to become a professional soccer player, but his dream did not come true because his soccer level was not suitable for recruiters. This environment has always been a resourceful one for him. That’s why after his sporting failure he decided to dedicate himself to the luxury concierge business and more particularly to the chartering of planes for soccer players.

After his sporting career, the young man had to find a new path to take professionally. He was forced to send several resumes to different companies. In 2017, after meeting with a company manager in the aviation sector, Karim Oussanaa made a connection with the businessman and offered him an unexpected collaboration. Indeed, he proposed to give the contacts of his friends in the soccer world who would need brokerage services in business aviation.


Karim Oussanaa made a test period before really entering this new activity.


Karim Ousanaa’s business is quite lucrative. This is probably due to the fact that he is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It seems that on average, the young businessman is responsible for a private jet flight every 48 hours or so.

There are peaks of activity in his field as in any other sector. Indeed, during the big continental or international competitions like the Champions League, the Euro or the World Cup, the turnover is exponential. The demand is much higher because the players and their families have to travel to the place where the event takes place.

Most of the soccer players are people with whom Karim Oussanaa played when he was younger. It is only a matter of word of mouth to get the business going.


Karim Oussanaa’s portfolio


According to the figures, Karim Oussanaa is the owner of a portfolio of three hundred players.  Among them is Florian Thauvin, a childhood friend of the young man. Thauvin is a soccer player who played in Marseille, he is now a professional player in Mexico in Monterrey, so he is subject to use the plane to return to France to see his family.

Soccer players are very busy personalities. They really have very little time to travel between games. Some soccer clubs are in remote areas of the world and only private jets can land on the runways of these cities, this is the case in France, Germany and England.

Karim Oussanaa’s service is therefore a precious time saver for the players. They have more time to rest and get back in shape before the next match.

Also, their popularity can be difficult to bear on a daily basis. Indeed, they are public personalities who are recognizable by the fans. Using Karim Oussanaa’s services allows the players to not be constantly disturbed by an oppressive fan.


Justified prices


The prices of the services can vary from 3 000 € for the lowest to 100 000 € for the highest. Karim Oussanaa’s services can therefore be useful to any type of player.

“I have players from Ligue 1 who don’t have exorbitant salaries but who will, from time to time, get a kick out of it,” he explains. This gives him a new source of income.

With the boom in corporate aviation since the health crisis, it goes without saying that aviation brokerage numbers are exploding. It’s really the time savings and flexibility of travel options that are the two most important criteria.

It has to be said that this business is not afraid of the crisis. There will always be a demand and supply of football stars.

For example, this is the case of the South American players of PSG who confined themselves to their homes during the health crisis of 2020.

These celebrity transports were vital to the airlines during the crisis, as they were their only source of revenue.

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