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Business aviation: Key Figures for 2022

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Business aviation plays a significant role within the aviation sector in Europe, encompassing a variety of aircraft tailored to a clientele seeking unique flexibility and accessibility for various types of travel. Over the past several years, business aviation in Europe has experienced consistent growth. AEROAFFAIRES invites you to explore the key figures for business aviation as presented by the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) in Europe for the year of 2022.


Nearly 450,000 Jobs Linked to Business Aviation


Direct Jobs


Direct jobs in business aviation encompass essential roles such as flight management, aircraft maintenance, and passenger satisfaction. These roles include:

  • Commercial pilots and cabin crew
  • Aeronautic technicians and mechanics
  • Air traffic controllers
  • Ground crew agents


Indirect Jobs


Indirect jobs in business aviation are equally important and encompass various sectors, including:

  • Ground transportation services (taxis)
  • Maintenance companies and personnel
  • Fuel suppliers
  • The hospitality and catering industry

Over 1.5 Million Business Flights in Europe in 2022


Business aviation in Europe witnessed a 12.9% increase in 2022 compared to the previous year, with a total of 1,589,611 movements (takeoffs and landings). This growth reflects the rising demand for this type of air transportation in Europe.

Several factors contribute to this growing demand, such as an increase in customers’ demands for more comfortable and accessible services, the search for safer and more flexible modes of transit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rising demand for luxury business and leisure travel. This growing trend highlights the importance of business aviation in Europe as a key component of the aviation industry.

The Most Sought-after Aircraft in Europe


Business aviation comprises a total of 4,056 aircraft based in Europe. The most requested aircraft is the CESSNA CITATION EXCEL / XLS, a light jet ideal for short distances, followed by the PILATUS PC-12, the most requested turboprop for short trips, and the KING AIR 200, a turboprop regularly used for short trips as well. 

These data show the trend towards shorter flight times, particularly within the same country or between neighboring countries.


The Most Popular European Destinations


The Most Popular Airports in Europe


Europe comprises 1,496 airports dedicated to the business aviation sector. Only a minority of these airports are accessible for commercial flights, giving business aviation a major advantage in terms of opportunities and accessibility. At the top of the list is Paris Le Bourget Airport, followed by Nice Côte d’Azur Airport and Geneva Airport. This ranking positions French airspace as the European territory with the highest number of movements.

Discover the top busiest airports in Europe.


The Most requested routes in Europe.


Business aviation in Europe is mostly characterized by short routes. The Paris to Geneva air route tops the list, followed by Paris to Nice and Nice to Farnborough.

These itineraries highlight the need for rapid and efficient routes between certain European cities, often driven by requirements demanding great flexibility and significant time saving . These flights highlight how business aviation effectively adapts to meet the needs of travelers.

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