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A large number of the population would be afraid of flying. This fear can be more or less disproportionate, sometimes reaching a real aviaphobia, irrational and phobic fear of flying. The number of people who are afraid of flying is very high for this mode of transportation, which is the safest of all! At AEROAFFAIRES, we give you all the advice and reassuring information you need to reduce and manage your fear of flying.


Defining your fear of flying

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Is your fear based on real facts? Feelings during the flight, such as turbulence? Anxieties about flying in general? Is it the type of aircraft that makes you anxious? Many factors exist. Being afraid of flying can be only in the air, at take-off, or claustrophobia in the cabin, or even the fear of a disaster scenario? Each fear can be alleviated in different ways. However, you must first know what you really fear before you can apply our advice. After all, it is always good to reassure yourself in a general way if you are anxious before a flight.



Numbers to reassure you and reduce your fear of flying


As concrete data is better than a long speech, here are some figures to reassure you before a flight

  • 535: according to the International Civil Aviation Association (IATA), this is the number of years it would take to fear an accident while traveling every day! Based on the accidents recorded in aviation, this considerable figure is very telling, even more than simple percentages! Traveling by plane every day for 535 years without risking an accident is quite reassuring!
  • 1 : that’s the number of engines needed to operate a plane. Whether it is for twin-engine or four-engine aircrafts, in order to compensate for the eventuality of a failure of one of them, only one engine can ensure the flight and operate the whole aircraft. However, these cases are very rare, but in the event that this happens, the pilot will have to land faster than expected.
  • 200: in kilometers, this is the distance that an aircraft can travel just by gliding. This is an even more exceptional case than the last one above. It would mean that all the engines are rendered inactive. This is almost improbable. But if this happens, your plane can glide for 200km and find a runway to land on.


Avoiding sources of stress before a flight


Crédit photo : Unsplash

As we all know, stress is not ideal in this kind of situation. In order to make a flight in complete serenity, it is first prepared beforehand. If you have the possibility to choose your seat in the plane when booking, it will help you to be at ease during the flight. In the case of a private jet flight, this question does not arise!

Also, a few days before the flight, try to prepare your belongings, important documents and your suitcase in order to avoid a last minute agitation. Make sure you have comfortable clothes for the flight.

Then, if your mind is still tormented by the idea of flying, break the vicious circle and avoid at all costs reading or watching airplane disaster scenarios (or even a science fiction movie with airplane crashes!). This will only fuel your anxiety and make you think even more about outdated or amplified or unreal elements. So put your mind at ease and listen to our advice and reassuring data!

Also, try to ensure that you get some peace and quiet in the hours and/or night before the flight. A good night’s sleep, or naps, can be beneficial in dealing with stressful situations before and during your flight.

Finally, learn to manage your stress with breathing and meditation exercises. This can only be beneficial and will also help you in other anxiety-provoking situations.


Mandatory certifications and safety criteria for aircraft


Whether on a commercial flight or on board a private jet, the latter operate in the Public Transport of Passengers (TP). It is important to distinguish between Public Transport and Private Transport, which is subject to very little legislation. However, in the event of an airplane accident, this distinction is rarely mentioned. This is the case with the crash of the small plane of the footballer Emiliano Sala in 2019. Indeed, the pilot did not have all the certifications up to date and the flight was not safe. Unfortunately, we do not remember the millions of flights that go smoothly, we only remember the one that had an accident… But you know why? Because it is simply rare! For example, car accidents are much more deadly and frequent than plane accidents.

However, to reassure you even more, whether it is in commercial aviation or in business aviation with a private jet or helicopter for example, many certifications are mandatory and justify a safe flight. This supports the fact that aviation is one of the safest modes of transportation!


External help to manage your fear of flying


During a flight, one thing we advise you to do is to approach the crew (flight attendant, or pilots) and notify them of your fears. They will take the necessary measures to reassure you throughout the trip. A support is never too much when you are afraid!

Finally, to all those who are unable to manage their fear of flying independently, or who suffer from aviaphobia, don’t worry, it’s treatable! You can consult a doctor. He or she can help you with certain exercises and can also prescribe medication to help you overcome your fear of flying.

In addition, some airlines or specialized companies offer desensitization courses. These paid courses help future passengers to overcome their fear of flying. They even offer immersions in virtual reality or in aircraft simulators in order to be as close as possible to the sensations experienced during a flight. This could be the solution for you!


At AEROAFFAIRES, we guarantee the safety of our customers. Traveling by private jet with us is the assurance of a trip with complete peace of mind. Contact us at +33 (0)1 44 09 91 82, or fill out our online quote, our team is fully available to offer you flights that suit you.