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Would you like spending a holiday on one of the jewels of the Mediterranean? Do not hesitate any longer and book a private jet to the one known as the Isle of Beauty. Corsica is indeed one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean after Sicily, Sardinia and Cyprus, and is distinguished by its magnificent landscapes between sea and mountains. It is composed of two departments: Upper Corsica, whose capital city is Bastia, and South Corsica, with Ajaccio as its capital city.
Leaving with AEROAFFAIRES, your specialist in chartering private jets and helicopters, is the guarantee of a comfortable and memorable stay in Corsica.

Created in 1991 by François-Xavier CLERC, AEROAFFAIRES has already satisfied more than 95,000 passengers and operated more than 20,000 private flights.

Our experts are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find the jet that suits you best. Air taxi, helicopter, long-haul private jet or commercial plane for VIPs, AEROAFFAIRES charters your aircraft in 2 hours at a competitive rate.

AEROAFFAIRES is also committed to the environment through its SkyCO2 program. 100% of the CO2 emissions produced by each business flight are indeed offset by supporting the preservation of forests in South America.

Book your private jet by contacting us 7/7 and 24H/24 on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 91 82.

Corsica has four international airports open 24/24H for private jets:

  • Figari
  • Ajaccio
  • Calvi
  • Bastia



Located in the south of Corsica, it is the leading airport on the Isle of Beauty in terms of business and private aviation, which represents 80% of its traffic. Very popular with jet-setters, it is located near the famous seaside resort of Porto-Vecchio, considered to be Corsica’s Saint-Tropez. It can accommodate all types of aircrafts: turboprop engines, light, medium and long-haul private jets, as well as regional and commercial planes. However, heavy traffic can lead to operational restrictions in the summer.



Ajaccio Airport, also known as “Campo dell’Oro”, is the most important airfield in Corsica. Only 5 km from the city centre, it can accommodate all types of aircrafts, but the number of planes that can access it is limited every year.



Calvi Airport is an international airport located 7 km southeast of Calvi, in the north of Corsica. Given the surrounding terrain and the slight inclination of the runway, pilots must have trained on a flight simulator beforehand. The airport is not open at night and if the wind is too unfavourable, the planes are diverted to Bastia Airport.



Located 20 km south of Bastia, this airport provides access to north-eastern Corsica. It is the Corsican airport with the fewest constraints and it is preferred for general aviation.


You want a vehicle with driver waiting for you on your arrival and driving you wherever you want? AEROAFFAIRES will book you the most suitable car (Mercedes S-Class, VIANO or Limousine for instance).

Whether you dream of discovering Corsica in an unusual way or you need to get to another destination quickly, AEROAFFAIRES can also charter a helicopter that will be waiting for you as soon as you leave your private jet.

Renting a helicopter can provide you with more flexibility and speed than regular lines, and more comfort than some mountain roads. It is more often than we think considered the best option, so feel free to ask us your questions for more information.

You will need, for example, from Ajaccio:

  • 20 minutes by helicopter to Figari, compared to an average of 2h20 by car
  • 20 minutes by helicopter to Porto-Vecchio, compared to 2h45 by car
  • 25 minutes by helicopter to Calvi, compared to 3 hours by car
  • 30 minutes by helicopter to Bastia, compared to 2h40 by car

Price estimate for the rental of a private jet

Round trip Geneva-Figari South Corsica (2 nights on site) from €5,000.
Aircraft: Mustang Citation
Number of seats: 4
Flight duration: 1 h 20

Round trip Paris-Le Bourget – Figari Sud Corse (3 nights on site) from 11 000 €.
Aircraft: Citation II
Number of seats: 7
Flight duration: 1 h 45

Round trip Marseille – Calvi (2 nights) from 7 000 €.          Aircraft: Hondajet
Number of seats: 5
Flight duration: 40 minutes

Round trip Paris-Le Bourget – Calvi (3 nights on site) from 8 000 €.
Aircraft: Phenom 100
Number of seats: 4
Flight duration: 1 h 30


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