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Location avion cargo Boeing 757-200PF
Location avion cargo Boeing 757-200PF

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Description of BOEING 757-200PF

You would like to rent a Boeing cargo aircraft? We offer you the 757-200PF.

The Boeing 757 is an airliner produced until 2004 and still in service today. Its cargo version, the 757-200PF (PF for package freight), entered into service in 1987. It was first used by UPS Airlines to deliver packages at night, in the form of pallets or LD3 containers.

The 757 can carry bulk goods with a volume of approximately 50 cubic metres. Its total payload is 40 tonnes for medium-haul flights. For long-haul flights, the aircraft is equipped with an auxiliary power unit.

80 units of the 757-200PF have been produced. There is also another cargo version, the Boeing 757-200SF (SF for special freighter), built from 757-200. This model can carry animals.

It was overtaken by the Boeing 767-300F, which followed a few years later.

Key Benefits of BOEING 757-200PF

  • The 757-200PF is certified for a maximum take-off weight of 166 tons, over 5 900 kilometres.
  • Two holds can contain 50 cubic metres each and there is also 180 cubic metres available for containers or pallets on the main deck.
  • A telescopic system can assist in loading packages.

Commercial features of BOEING 757-200PF

The wingspan of the 757-200PF is 38 metres.

The loading door opens on the left side of the front fuselage. There is also an exit for the pilots but no other emergency exit.

The lining of the hold is made of glass-reinforced plastic.

The engines are from Rolls-Royce (RB211-535E4B) and Pratt & Whitney (PW2037).

Technical specifications of BOEING 757-200PF

  • Manufacturer BOEING
  • Model 757-200PF
  • Classification cargo aircraft
  • Speed 850 km/h
  • Hourly rates 11100 €/hour
  • Range 5900 km
  • Interior Height 2.1 m
  • Interior Width 3.5 m
  • Luggage compartment volume 100 m³
  • Crew 2
  • Purchase Price 62 000 000 €

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