The Celera 500L, the future of air transport by Otto Aviation?

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Announced in August 2020 by the American aircraft manufacturer Otto Aviation, the Celera 500L may be the revolution in taxi-flying and air mobility! Manufactured and tested for several years, it is in November 2021 that the aircraft manufacturer announced to have completed the first phase of testing of its aircraft. It has made a total of 55 conclusive test flights for 51 hours of flight. This has allowed the first conclusions to be drawn about the effectiveness of the Celera 500L. We give you all the information about this aircraft, on the way to become the future of air transport.


Celera 500L
Crédit photo : Otto Aviation


The characteristics of the Celera 500L


The private aircraft from the manufacturer Otto Aviation has many attractive features. First of all, inside the aircraft can comfortably fit 6 people. The cabin is spacious and has nothing to envy to business jets of similar size. Then, the Celera 500L has a long range, in fact it can fly non-stop up to 8334 km, for a top speed of 740 km/h at 15 km altitude. This allows it to make long-haul journeys and to connect many cities and destinations. And all this easily and quickly.

The flight test phases of the aircraft have shown very good results? In particular, the aerodynamics of the aircraft in general and its evolution in the air. The president of the American aeronautics company is positive about the future of his air mobility device.


The data from our first phase of test flights shows that we are on track to meet our goals for the aircraft. We couldn’t be more excited to take this step toward our mission of having a production aircraft in 2025.  We look forward to the next phase of development that will take the aircraft to higher altitudes and speeds.

Says William Otto, CEO of Otto Aviation.


Intérieur Celera 500L
Crédit photo : Otto Aviation


The Celera 500L, a low cost with many advantages


The Celera 500L is not a jet aircraft, but it is powered by a propeller placed at the very back of the aircraft, which drives a piston engine. This mode of motorization is more economical than with jet engines. In addition, this aircraft has demonstrated during tests that it consumes nearly 80% less than business jets of the same category! This is a significant figure, especially since the environmental impact is increasingly present. Between drone projects, electric aircraft and the increased use of biofuels, the aviation industry is trying more and more to limit its ecological impact. This is one aspect that the Celera 500L emphasizes.

In addition, this saving in aircraft consumption considerably reduces the hourly cost of a trip in the Celera 500L. Indeed, it would cost only 290€ for one hour of travel compared to more than 1860€ for a trip in a private jet of similar size.

Then, most of them do not reach the performance in terms of range and autonomy of flight compared to the Celera 500L. Finally, if there is a big advantage on the Celera 500L, apart from its very low cost, it is also the space that the cabin offers. Indeed the height of the cabin is 1,88m. This exceeds business jets such as the King Air 350 or the Citation CJ3+ which are comparable to the Celera 500L. Passenger comfort is an essential criterion for the aircraft manufacturer.


Crédit photo : Otto Aviation


The evolution and prospects of the Celera 500L


A true combination of speed, low cost, low carbon impact and efficiency, the Celera 500L has all the makings of a leader in air travel. It could be the new cab plane! At least, that’s what Otto Aviation wants. If it enters the market, it will compete both with business aviation and commercial aviation.

If the flight test phase has been conclusive, the next step for the American aircraft manufacturer is to obtain FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification. This is the organization in charge of regulations and controls for civil aviation (in the United States). Thereafter, the American manufacturer hopes to market its first aircraft by 2025.

Finally, Otto Aviation is not stopping there and is planning other aircraft, including a Celera 1000L, which would be a version 20% larger than the 500L. It would therefore carry more passengers.

Moreover, there is no lack of opportunities, because apart from the desire to produce a cab plane, the aeronautical company is thinking of various uses for its aircraft. For example, it could be used as a cargo plane, or for military services.


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