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Where will private jets land during the 2024 Paris Olympics?

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With over 15 million estimated visitors, the Paris 2024 Olympics are about to become the biggest event ever organized in the French capital and in the country as a whole. Such a large number naturally creates many challengers in terms of mobility, in particular for business aviation users. This transportation method will indeed also know a high level of attendance: it is thus necessary to underline the means put in place to facilitate these trips, especially in terms of accessible airports. In this article, AEROAFFAIRES informs you of the different airports where private aircraft will be able to land in line with the 2024 Olympics. 


Paris Airports used for the 2024 Olympics 


2024 Olympics: Paris – Le Bourget Airport


Standing as a private flight reference, the Paris Le Bourget airport is highly sought after by business aviation actors. The airport can welcome all types of aircraft, ranging from a simple turboprop to long-range jets. Its closeness with the French capital offers a real advantage to all users. The Bourget is only 7 km away from Paris, which represents a 25 minute car ride and allows a swift and efficient access to any event. Some notable events such as the 100 meter dash, judo, or archery will actually take place at the very center of the capital. 


The Northern part of the Paris region will also welcome its batch of events, with Swimming at the Paris Defense Arena, Hockey at the Yves-du-Manoir Stadium, or Rugby at the Stade de France. The climbing event will actually take place in the city of Le Bourget, which will greatly facilitate the access for airport users!


2024 Olympics: The Toussus le Noble Aéroport


Not as famous as its Seine-Saint-Denis counterpart, the Toussus le Noble airport can also be a judicious option in order to enjoy the 2024 Olympics. Located at the Southern tip of the Yvelines department, the airport has the advantage of being near many Olympic events. For example, the equestrian, cycling and golf events will respectively take place at the Château de Versailles, and in the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines region, not far from the airport. It is however necessary to keep in mind that Toussus le Noble can only welcome turboprop aircraft. Fortunately, AEROAFFAIRES can easily charter such aircraft. 


Private airports, therefore, remain at your disposal, even during the Olympics, giving you access to all the events in a swift and peaceful manner. 

Airports in France used for the 2024 Olympics 


Although the vast majority of the Olympics will take place in Paris, certain events will be carried out in other regions, sometimes very far away from the capital. This is for instance the case for basketball, shooting, or football events. 


The Lille-Lesquin Airport


Passengers wishing to attend the Basketball, or Handball events will have the opportunity of traveling to the Lille-Lesquin Airport, located only 10 kilometers away from the Pierre Mauroy Stadium. This represents a flight time of 41 minutes from Paris, more than enough time to make the round trip on the same day. 


2024 Olympics: Lyon Bron Airport 


For users wishing to watch football matches, the Lyon Bron airport will be the ideal landing zone. Located only 7 kilometers away from the airport, the Lyon Stadium, built in 2016, wil host many of the championship matches. The Lyon Bron airport is also located 60 kilometers away from the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, which will also host matches. Lyon Bron is only a one hour flight away from the Bourget and a same-day round trip is thus equally doable. 

2024 Olympics: Marseille and Nice Côte d’Azur Airports

The Côte d’Azur region will also witness its load of events with the hosting of football matches at the Marseille Vélodrome Stadium and Nice stadium. The Marseille marina will also welcome sailing events. Users will be able to land at the Marseille Provence, Toulon Hyères, Cannes Mandelieu, or Nice Côte d’Azur airports. It is necessary to keep in mind that the Toulon airport must be given notice at least 24 hours before a flight in order to approve a landing request. These airports are, however, located at reasonable distances from these events and can enable a round trip from Le Bourget in 4 hours or less. 


2024 Olympics: Aéroport de Tahiti – Faaa


For hardcore Olympics fans, it is worth noting that France will also welcome surfing events from July 27 to 30… in French Polynesia. This part of the competition will take place in Teahupo’o, located on the island of Tahiti and will welcome some of the sport’s most prominent athletes. You wish to attend? Call AEROAFFAIRES in order to charter a flight directly to Tahiti. Located 1h30 minutes away from Teahupo’o, the Tahiti-Faaa International Airport is accessible by private jet for a flight time of approximately 20 hours. This offers the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable vacations while indulging in the ultimate luxury and comfort provided by long-haul jets.

AEROAFFAIRES takes care of your Olympic 2024 experience

Do you wish to attend all these events? Turn to AEROAFFAIRES to make it possible. We are available 24/7 to cater to your every need. We will accompany you throughout this experience to make it as unforgettable as possible.


Contact us now via email at or by phone at +33 1 44 09 91 82. We will respond promptly.


  • How do you know which airport corresponds to each test?

    Details of the airports allocated to each event will be published officially before the Games. You can consult the official 2024 Games websites for the latest updates. You can also read this article.

  • Will private aircraft have access to these airports?

    Yes, private aircraft will be able to land at the airports designated for the 2024 Olympics. However, specific protocols and authorisations will be required.

  • How do you organise a private flight to the 2024 Olympics?

    To organise a private flight, contact us. We’ll help you plan your flight, obtain the necessary authorisations and choose the most suitable airport for your Olympic destination.

  • Will there be any flight restrictions during the 2024 Olympics?

    Temporary flight restrictions may be introduced during the Olympic Games to ensure safety and air traffic management. It is advisable to consult the official information on NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) for specific restrictions.