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Who is the typical customer for private jet charter?

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Nowadays, due to the health crisis affecting the world, the private jet rental market is booming. But who are the customers who are fond of this “must have”?

Indeed, in this context of insecurity linked to the pandemic, the demand for private air charter has changed.

The typical consumer of private jet chartering before the health crisis.

In the third quarter of 2019, before the arrival of the Covid 19; the typical person chartering a private jet was a man with an average age of 40.

35% of them chartered a private jet for the first time when they placed their order. Moreover, this man rarely travels alone, on average he is accompanied by two or even three people in order to travel most often in Western Europe.

The planes most commonly used for this type of travel are so-called ultra-light jets such as the Phenom 100 designed and engineered by the prestigious BMW brand. The Phenom 100 allows you to travel comfortably with a luxurious luggage capacity.


COVID19 has changed the clientele of private aircraft


For companies likely to privatise an aircraft:


Many companies which, before the current crisis of the COVID19 , did not charter private jets for moral or financial reasons are now part of the clientele of private aviation brokers. This demand is rising because of a need for corporate safety. The latter, following the crisis, will undoubtedly see advantages to this new type of travel.


For a business trip for a group of up to 12 people, the Citation longitude is an ideal mid-size private jet. With a speed of 910 km/h, the Citation longitude allows those travelling in it to travel up to 7400 km from their take-off runway.


Why are some individuals now looking to rent a private jet?


Some wealthy individuals, used to first class commercial flights, are becoming serious prospects for private aviation brokers. Just as for companies, these people are looking for health security and comfort at a time when the whole world is suffering from a virus and subjected to increasingly strict and often uncomfortable barrier gestures. These individuals are ready to charter a private jet for themselves, their families and pets to go on holiday enjoying the safety, comfort and charm of a private flight.


The most suitable aircraft for this kind of need is the Pilatus PC-24. It is an ideal jet for the needs of a private individual, indeed this aircraft is capable of landing on the 21,000 runways of all the world’s airports with a capacity of 4 to 8 seats and flying at a speed of 815km/h.


A new clientele in the face of the closure of commercial routes


Air brokers have been able to adapt their offers to a need that is unfortunately growing in these times of health crisis. Indeed, many people find themselves in need of chartering a private medical aircraft due to the great drop in air traffic.

Fortunately, there are aircraft available to help people in need far from their homes. One of these is the Falcon 8X, an ideal jet renowned for its speed, comfort and calm.

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