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Bombardier’s New Business Jet: Challenger 3500

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It is the latest addition to the Bombardier family, succeeding the Challenger 350, the Challenger 3500 was officially unveiled on September 14, 2021. Released in 2022, this new private jet is priced at nearly 23 million euros. This business jet is packed with new technologies and innovations and promises future passengers comfort and tranquility. Reliability, performance and durability are the three characteristics of this new business jet.

A redesigned private jet cabin


While there are some new features in the cockpit (such as a new autothrottle system), there are many innovations in the cabin. The cabin of this business jet is very spacious, it can accommodate up to 10 passengers. There are patented zero gravity seats, but also a 3-seater couch. Different spaces are notable such as a club configuration, the space with the couch but also the spacious and well thought out kitchen area.

Photo credit: Bombardier – Challenger 3500

This is the most advanced cabin in its category. When interior design meets technology, everything is designed to improve the comfort and productivity of the passengers on board. Stay connected in the air with Ka-band high-speed internet and air-to-ground 4G distributed throughout the aircraft.  In addition, this is the first cabin to feature voice control. This allows passengers to adjust the lighting, the 4K screen or the interior temperature, for example, but also to see the flight information. Finally, it is the first aircraft to be equipped with a wireless charger for phones.



The seats: a masterpiece of innovation


The private jet’s seats have been completely redesigned and revolutionize 30 years of seat design in business aviation.

Photo credit: Bombardier – Challenger 3500

Indeed, the “Cloud” seats offer a unique experience with weightless positions. The manufacturers have thought of everything by inventing a zero gravity position thanks to a patented seat reclining system. From the feet to the head, this places the body in a neutral position, distributing the weight evenly and thus relieving tension. For ergonomic perfection, the Nuage seat has a floating base, no rails but a permanently centered pivot axis. Your seat with all the comfort, without any effort, that’s the promise of Bombardier, whose well-being is a priority.


More innovations for the Challenger 3500


The Challenger 3500 features one of the most advanced soundproofing systems in the industry, making the cabin very quiet. Once the noise is minimized, stress is reduced and comfort is increased.

Also, the cabin altitude (atmospheric pressure inside the cabin) has been lowered by about 600 meters (2000 feet) compared to its predecessor the Challenger 350.

Their mission is to make passengers feel better after their trip. This is also why they have a new fresh air circulation system, the fastest for this type of aircraft. In less than 2 minutes, the entire cabin is replenished with fresh air. In addition, the ventilation system with HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter), eliminates over 99% of particles (microbes and viruses).


And finally, because of its attention to detail and the environment, the Challenger 3500 is the most durable business jet to date. Innovative measures and solutions have been designed to reduce its environmental impact. For example, Bombardier’s factories are mostly powered by renewable energy sources such as hydroelectricity, allowing for environmentally responsible production. Secondly, as a transitional measure, the Challenger 3500 uses a portion of sustainable fuel. Finally, and this is a first in business aviation, after a test program, Bombardier’s new private jet has been found to be completely carbon neutral.


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