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These men and women who have marked the history of business aviation in Europe.

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Business aviation has had many pioneers and outstanding personalities. Each of them has contributed to the development and history of the business aviation sector. Who are these men and women who have marked the history of business aviation in Europe? AEROAFFAIRES wants to pay tribute to these personalities. They have shaped business aviation to make it a dynamic sector today. AEROAFFAIRES presents some of the men and women who have marked the history of business aviation in Europe.


Louis Blériot: a pioneer in the history of business aviation in Europe.


André Citroën, in addition to being an engineer, is a French car manufacturer. He also contributed to the commercial and business aviation revolution in France. Citroën supplied private planes to wealthy clients. He contributed to the popularisation of business aviation in France.

In 1920, André Citroën created the Société anonyme des avions André Citroën. It produced high quality tourist and business aircraft. Its aircraft were used for business travel, freight transport and tourism. They popularised business aviation in France and Europe.

The aircraft of the Société anonyme des avions André Citroën were known for their :

  • reliability
  • safety
  • comfort
  • innovative design.

The business aircraft were equipped with all the comforts necessary for business travel. These included comfortable seats, spacious cabins and modern communication equipment.

In addition to producing aircraft, the Société anonyme des avions André Citroën also contributed to the development of aviation in France. The company trained pilots and organised competitions and air events.

Unfortunately, the Société anonyme des avions André Citroën ran into financial difficulties in the 1930s. The French national aviation company Sud-Ouest bought the company in 1933. Nevertheless, the company’s legacy and André Citroën’s contribution to business aviation remain important. Their design and performance make them renowned aircraft, even today.

Citroën thus played a key role in the development of commercial and business aviation in France.


Frank Whittle: inventor of the first aircraft engine.


Frank Whittle was a British aeronautical engineer. He invented the first aircraft engine in 1930. This invention was a key element in the development of business aviation. It made flying faster, longer and more efficient than before.

Before the invention of the jet engine, aircraft used piston engines. These had limitations in terms of speed, power and flight distance. Aircraft were limited in terms of altitude due to the scarcity of air. This further limited their speed and flight distance. Business travel, before the advent of jet engines, was much longer, slower and more expensive.

With the jet engine, aircraft can fly at higher altitudes. This avoids turbulence and airspace congestion. As a result, their flying speed is considerably increased. Thanks to the invention of jet engines, business trips can be made much faster and more efficiently. This time saving allowed private airlines to grow faster. They have, therefore, offered faster and more convenient travel options. The jet engine has therefore had a significant impact on the development of business aviation in Europe.



Marcel Dassault: a founding figure in the history of business aviation in Europe.


Marcel Dassault, whose real name was Marcel Bloch, was a French engineer and entrepreneur. He was born in 1892 and died in 1986. He is best known for founding the company Dassault Aviation in 1945. Today, it is one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in Europe.
The company began its activity by producing military aircraft, notably the famous Mirage. It has diversified into business aviation and has become a leading player.

Today, Dassault Aviation produces several models of business aircraft, such as the Falcon 7X, Falcon 8X and Falcon 900. These private aircraft are developed mainly to meet business needs. This may include travel by company executives or political figures.

These aircraft are designed to offer optimum comfort to passengers. Their cabins are spacious and high end amenities are on board. The performance of Dassault Aviation’s private jets is known to be high. They have a higher cruising speed than commercial aircraft. Dassault aircraft have the ability to take off and land on shorter runways. This gives access to more airports around the world.

Business aviation is a growing market. There is a growing demand for more and more efficient and comfortable private aircraft. Dassault Aviation is one of the main players in this market. It has a significant market share in the production of business aircraft in Europe. Always on the lookout for more innovation, the aircraft manufacturer has just released the Falcon 10X. This business jet is eagerly awaited by private airlines.


Richard Branson: the audacious in the service of aeronautical history.


Richard Branson is a British businessman. He is best known for founding the Virgin Group in 1970. He has made a significant contribution to the business aviation industry. This was through the creation of Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984. It is an airline. It has become famous for its high quality services and bold branding. The company innovated and pioneered new premium and exclusive services for private and business aviation customers.

In 1991, for example, Branson created the Virgin Atlantic Airways Clubhouse. This was a waiting room for first and business class passengers. It offered catering services, shower rooms and private lounges.

In 2004, Branson also founded Virgin Galactic. This company offers tourist space flights. It revolutionised business aviation by offering unique experiences of travel and discovery on a level never seen before.

Finally, in 2014, Branson founded Virgin Atlantic Airways Little Red. This was a subsidiary of Virgin Atlantic Airways. It offered domestic flights within the UK. Although this venture was not as successful as expected and was closed in 2015, it demonstrated Branson’s ability to innovate and take risks in the aviation industry.

Richard Branson has made history in business aviation. His innovation, attention to detail and commitment to high quality service have served the discerning traveller. His contribution to the aviation industry will continue to inspire future generations of entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts.


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As we have seen in this article, all of these personalities are among the men and women who have marked the history of business aviation in Europe. They have all contributed to the advancement of the sector. And they have left an indelible mark on the history of business aviation, particularly in Europe.

Today, AEROAFFAIRES wants to leave its mark on the history of business aviation in Europe, by focusing on

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