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Top 5 countries in Europe using private aviation

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According to the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), the business aviation industry in Europe will represent 99.9 billion euros in production in 2021, 449,000 jobs (direct and indirect) and 1,407,503 flights, including departures and arrivals. In this article AEROAFFAIRES presents the top 5 countries in Europe that use private aviation.


France in first position


France is the European country that uses the most private aviation. In fact, it is in first place with a total of 231,621 movements in 2021, an increase of 5% compared to 2019. Paris-Le-Bourget and Nice Côte d’Azur are the busiest French airports for this type of aviation. As an indication, the most established route in Europe is Paris-Le BourgetGeneva (Switzerland). This route was produced 3,241 times in the year 2021.

France is the country with the most airports and aerodromes in Europe, allowing quick travel to all corners of the country. In addition, France is home to major manufacturers such as Dassault Aviation, Airbus Helicopters and Daher. French companies have been able to establish themselves in the aviation market.

Even if business aviation is the subject of many debates, our country is a key player in terms of traffic and employment.


 Germany, silver medal


Germany is the second largest user of private aviation in Europe. In fact, 171,306 movements were made in 2021, an increase of 1% compared to 2019. Germany has a large fleet of aircraft, with more than 2,500 aircraft registered in the country. It leads the way in terms of registration, with 17% of Europe’s private aircraft registered.  In addition, German airports are very modern and offer several private terminals suitable for business aviation. The German airports most used by private jets are Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Cologne. Unlike France, where two airports are relatively dominant (Paris-Le-Bourget and Nice Côte d’Azur), the differences in traffic between German airports are smaller.


United Kingdom, third in the ranking


The UK is also one of the major players in European business aviation. In fact, in 2021, there will be 151,590 movements, a 13% increase compared to 2019. These poor results may be due to the UK’s health crisis restrictions, which are stricter and longer than in the rest of Europe, with quarantine and tests on departure and arrival in the country. The Brexit may be a second hypothesis for this decline. Indeed, as the pound depreciates, airlines no longer benefit from the “European open skies agreement”. The most important destinations in the United Kingdom are London, renowned for its international financial centre, Glasgow, which welcomes many private jets filled with golf enthusiasts every year, Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and Manchester, with its rich industrial heritage.


Italy in fourth place


Italy is in fourth place in the ranking of European countries using business aviation. In 2021, it will have 128,829 movements, which represents an 11% increase compared to 2019.  With 2 Italian airports in the top 10 busiest business airports in Europe, the boot is a popular destination. Milan and Rome Ciampino airports concentrate most of the Italian air traffic. The country’s busiest financial centres and major players are Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome.


Spain in the top 5


Spain is also one of the five countries in Europe that use private aviation. With almost 100,000 movements, 99,534 to be precise, it is in fifth place in the ranking. It is experiencing a strong increase, as these movements represent a 24% increase compared to 2019. Spain has a very large number of airports accessible by private jet, which allows travellers to get to their destination quickly.

From Madrid for business to Ibiza for partying, Spain offers a variety of destinations to choose from. In addition, Spanish airports offer high-standard private terminals. The 5 airports that stand out are Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Palma de Mallorca and Malaga.


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