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Medical repatriation between Madagascar and France : the guide

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During a stay abroad, no one is safe from an accident or an illness. If you encounter an unexpected event during your trip to Madagascar, there are medical repatriation solutions. In this article, discover all you need to know about repatriation Madagascar-France.



What are the Madagascar-France repatriation services available through AEROAFFAIRES?


Repatriation of a body

An accident or illness can have a tragic ending. When a death occurs abroad, managing the repatriation of the body is an additional challenge for the family. AEROAFFAIRES teams will support you in this process until the body arrives in the destination country.


A funeral repatriation can occur in two scenarios:

  • The person who has passed away is a business or leisure traveler who died in the host country and his family wishes to repatriate the body to his country of origin;
  • The person who has passed away has expressed the wish during his or her lifetime that the body be buried in his or her country of origin.


Our experience in repatriation Madagascar-France allows us to accompany you in this difficult process. We take care of all the administrative and customs procedures necessary for the repatriation of the body of the deceased. We relieve you of the additional worries related to the legislations and standards of air transport that need to be respected.


Emergency Medical Repatriation

You can request medical repatriation if you become seriously ill or have an accident while traveling abroad. This happens, for example, if you are in a country where the hospital facilities are not appropriate for the seriousness of your situation. In this case, returning to your home country for treatment is the best solution. For this early return, a team can be mobilized throughout the trip to provide you with the necessary emergency care. This is called a medical repatriation. An air carrier is recommended for a quick and urgent evacuation.


What are the general conditions for repatriation from Madagascar to France?


Repatriation of a body

The repatriation of a body from abroad must follow certain administrative formalities. For more information, contact the French Embassy in Madagascar or the website of the Consulate General of Madagascar in France. The websites of French people abroad can also provide you with useful information.

The first thing to do in the case of a death abroad is to notify the local authorities. Indeed, the causes of death must be established and the identity of the deceased verified. A death certificate will be required for the repatriation of the body to the desired country.

You will also need to notify the French government authorities in order to register the death with the civil registry office and allow the body to be officially transported.


Below you will find a list of points of attention that you should be aware of before any funeral transport:

  • Mandatory requirements for the conservation care of the deceased, which vary from country to country;
  • The placing of the body in the coffin is essential for a funeral transport by plane;
  • The closing of the coffin must be hermetic;
  • Check that the deceased had a valid funeral insurance contract, a death and repatriation insurance for Madagascar or a mutual repatriation insurance in Madagascar;
  • Make sure that the funeral company takes over the transport of the body to the place of burial.


Emergency evacuation

In the case of a repatriation from Madagascar to France, you will have to respect a specific procedure. To stay informed of these measures, you should visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the context of the pandemic, it is possible to book a flight to France in case of force majeure:

  • for a compelling personal or family cause;
  • for an urgent medical repatriation;
  • for a professional reason that cannot be postponed.


The documents to be provided for a repatriation Madagascar-France are: the report of the doctor consulted in Madagascar, the information concerning the hospital where the patient is staying, the information concerning the hospital of destination, the copies of the identity and travel documents of each traveler and, if necessary, their visa.



What is the cost of a repatriation Madagascar-France?


Repatriation of a body Madagascar-France : rates

The cost of a repatriation is the responsibility of the family of the deceased. However, some people take out funeral insurance with their insurance company during their lifetime. This can relieve the family’s expenses.

The price of a repatriation of a body from Madagascar to France is around 2 000 € to 5 000 €.



Price of a repatriation Madagascar-France for health reasons

It should be noted that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations prohibit the transportation of people with contagious diseases on commercial airlines. For a medical evacuation (or EVASAN) in case of contagious disease, it is therefore necessary to use private aviation. Rates are approximately €10,000 for repatriation from Madagascar to France, depending on the estimate. Taking out travel insurance prior to departure minimizes the risks in case of an accident.


To know the price of a repatriation from other foreign countries, you can have a look at our information sheets:

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