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Olympic Games of 2024: Private aviation, a solution for the transport of disabled athletes.

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Travelling is often a logistical challenge for disabled athletes, especially when it comes to transporting their sports equipment and meeting their specific needs. As a private aviation company, we are aware of these challenges and are committed to providing travel solutions that are tailored to each individual. AEROAFFAIRES presents the advantages of private aviation for transporting disabled athletes to the 2024 Olympic Games.


Why use a private jet as a disabled athlete?


Difficulties faced by disabled athletes when travelling.


Athletes with a disability face many difficulties when travelling to competitions and sporting events.


  • Accessibility: Public transport is often not adapted to the specific needs of disabled athletes. Trains, buses and underground trains can be difficult to access for wheelchair users, for example.
  • Timetables: The travel needs of athletes may not be in line with the fixed timetables of mainstream transport. This is especially true for large-scale sporting events such as the 2024 Olympics, where commercial aviation routes may be congested.
  • Infrastructure: Railway stations and airports can be stressful places for disabled athletes. Long queues, stringent security checks and moving through terminals can be particularly difficult for people with reduced mobility.
  • Transporting equipment: Athletes with disabilities are required to carry heavy sports equipment, such as specialised wheelchairs or prostheses. At first difficult to transport on commercial aircraft, this equipment is especially expensive and valuable.


The benefits of private jet travel for disabled athletes.


Private aviation can be seen as a solution to the problems faced by disabled athletes.


  • Flexibility: Private jets offer great flexibility in terms of schedules and destinations. Athletes with a disability can choose their flight times. This way, the schedules can be adapted to the schedule of competitions and sporting events. In addition, private jets can land at smaller airports closer to the competition venues. This reduces travel time and travel fatigue.
  • Facilities: Private jets are equipped to meet the accessibility needs of people with disabilities. Wider doors and ramps are a real advantage. This allows disabled athletes to board easily and safely. The cabins are also designed to offer more space and comfort, which is particularly important for people with special needs.
  • Assistance: Whether in the private terminal (FBO) or on board the aircraft, staff are trained to assist their customers. This may include assistance with boarding or disembarking, but also adaptation to the specific needs of passengers.
  • Transport of equipment: Private aircraft offer the possibility to easily and safely transport specialised sports equipment needed by disabled athletes.
  • Comfort: Private jet travel offers recovery and performance benefits for disabled athletes. Private cabins provide a quiet and comfortable environment to rest and recover before or after a competition. Athletes can also benefit from a personalised catering service to meet their specific dietary needs.


Which private jet for disabled athletes?


There are many different types of aircraft available, so it is necessary to clearly identify the requirements.


However, in general, aircraft of a certain size should be preferred for the transport of these athletes. Indeed, for some small aircraft, the transport of a wheelchair is not possible.


The AEROAFFAIRES team therefore advises you to favour medium or long-haul private jets such as


AEROAFFAIRES ensures that all disabled sportsmen and women and their staff have a trouble-free trip.


Experts in air charter since 1991, the AEROAFFAIRES team is committed to providing a quality service to all its passengers, regardless of their physical condition.


We are aware that passengers with disabilities may encounter additional difficulties during their travels and we provide personalised assistance. This is to make their travel experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible.


We work closely with airlines, airport managers and service providers. In this way, we ensure that all aspects of our trips meet the highest quality standards.


At AEROAFFAIRES, we are proud of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion. We are constantly working to improve our services and ensure that all our passengers enjoy a smooth and comfortable journey.

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