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A busy summer of 2023 for business aviation?

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After an impressive year in 2022, the coming season promises similar results for the business aviation sector. Are you looking to travel this summer on a private jet to your holiday destination? As the summer of 2023 gets underway, AEROAFFAIRES explains the reasons for the boom in business aviation. AEROAFFAIRES looks at the need to plan your private jet journeys in advance.


Business aviation: a sector in good shape


For some years now, business aviation has undeniably been a growth sector. Its many advantages (flexibility, confidentiality and comfort) make it an increasingly popular offer. Indeed, the tailor-made services offered by private aviation are attracting an increasingly wide range of clients.


Business aviation figures in 2022


The year 2022 has been a defining one for business aviation, as everyone in the industry agrees. And this trend is confirmed by the figures from EBAA, the European Business Aviation Association. Here are some particularly telling examples:


    • 11.8 %: increase in private jet traffic in Europe in 2022, compared to the previous year.
    • 793,152: number of private jet flights in Europe in 2022.
    • 24.1 %: increase in traffic at Paris-Le Bourget airport, the only Parisian airport entirely dedicated to private aviation.


All in all, the results are more than encouraging, even if the private aviation sector was hit by a controversy at the end of the summer of 2022.


How will business aviation look in 2023?


The summer of 2023 already looks like a continuation of what the industry has seen in 2022. Indeed, private jet bookings for the peak season are starting earlier and earlier.


The reason customers are booking their business aviation flights so quickly is that they are well aware that the private jet rental market is booming and experiencing peak bookings.


This is particularly the case in the summer, when demand is even greater. This leads to a scarcity of availability of certain models during the summer season. The phenomenon of anticipation by our customers would therefore tend to confirm the 2023 trends in business aviation that AEROAFFAIRES mentioned at the beginning of the year.


The reasons for the success of business aviation :


The good results of private aviation are far from trivial and can easily be explained. There are a number of observations that explain how private jet hire has attracted a new clientele.


The failings of commercial aviation.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis, commercial aviation has been facing many difficulties. This was definitely confirmed in the summer of 2022, and the forecasts for the coming summer are not very reassuring.


Already, some airlines are expressing concern that staffing shortages could lead to flight cancellations and the discontinuation of some routes.


If this trend continues, commercial aviation could be in for the same setbacks as last summer:

  • airport congestion
  • repeated strikes
  • a series of flight cancellations.


Faced with this situation, the private aviation sector has been able to adapt to the urgency of the situation. Thus, thanks to its reactivity, the market has attracted the favour of new customers. The sector was able to offer immediate, viable solutions and quality services to the passengers affected.


AEROAFFAIRES is at your disposal in anticipation of another summer of disruption on commercial airlines. We will find effective solutions for you. Contact our team now on +33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or by email:

Premium service quality.


The most important asset of business aviation is the unparalleled quality of service it provides to its customers. People who charter private jets particularly appreciate the attention to detail.


Among the personalised, top-of-the-range services offered by private aviation are:


  • More comfortable and faster aircraft: The fleet of aircraft is varied and adapts to each customer’s needs.
  • The possibility to reach, without stopover, a large choice of destinations not served by commercial lines.
  • A personalized and tailor-made follow-up: From the request for a quote to the landing of the aircraft.
  • An unrivalled quality of welcome: Travellers arrive in a private terminal (FBO). The crew of the private jet is attentive to every request made by the passengers.
  • Impeccable comfort: Cabins equipped with various amenities to ensure a pleasant journey


All these criteria allow business aviation to distinguish itself by its quality of service and by the care taken to ensure the excellence of its services. In doing so, it has established itself as a preferred option for travellers who value time, comfort and flexibility.



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