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Private jet travel is generally perceived as a luxury reserved for billionaires and celebrities. However, this is a preconceived idea that is relatively far removed from the reality of our profession. In the current climate, some billionaires are even selling their private jets. In this article, AEROAFFAIRES presents more affordable options for travellers who want an exclusive, tailor-made flight experience. And no, you don’t have to be a billionaire to fly in a private jet.


The association between private jets and the ultra-rich.


The world of business aviation is regularly associated with the big boys. It is true that it is a world that is not accessible to everyone. Yet the clientele for private jet flights may not be as elitist as you might think.


Business jets and the ultra-rich: a misconception?


One thing is certain: owning a private jet is an undeniable sign of success. Among the owners of luxury private jets are a number of international celebrities and billionaires.


We have, for example, dedicated an article to Roman Abramovitch and his private jet, which shows just how lavish private jet owners can be.


This concerns owners, because buying a business jet represents a substantial investment. However, leasing a private jet can be a solution for those wishing to charter an aircraft.


There’s no need to be particularly wealthy: business jets are generally used as an efficient means of travelling for professional purposes. Private jets can be real development tools for SMEs and SMIs.


For example, our company’s typical customer profile is not made up exclusively of the ultra-rich. They also include companies, travel agencies and people facing emergencies.


Some examples of exceptional private jets.


Since it’s always fun to discover luxurious aircraft, check out our article on the world’s most expensive private jet. It’s owned by a billionaire, of course, but that’s not typical of business aviation clients.


You can also take a look at our list of public figures who own a private jet. These aircraft are sometimes designed to meet the needs (and extravagances) of their owners.


Private jets offer a tailor-made travel experience, optimum comfort and total privacy. They enable celebrities to travel quickly and discreetly, offering them a private escape from the public eye and the constraints of commercial flights.



It’s possible to fly in a private jet without being a billionaire!


What if we told you that it was possible to enjoy the exclusive experience of a private jet without having a colossal fortune? Discover below some more accessible options that allow a wider public to enjoy the comfort and prestige of business jet flights.


Empty leg flights.


Empty leg flights are a unique opportunity for travellers looking for an affordable private jet experience. These flights occur when private jets need to move to another destination without passengers on board. This can happen


  • after dropping off passengers
  • or to position themselves for the next rental.


Rather than flying empty, these flights can be offered at reduced fares for travellers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity.


AEROAFFAIRES is one of the companies offering empty flights to its customers when the opportunity arises.


The cojetage.


Co-jetage, also known as co-ownership, but not to be confused with shared ownership, is an increasingly popular option. It is aimed at travellers who want to fly in a private jet without the exorbitant costs of hiring an entire aircraft. The practice brings together passengers and amateur pilots to share a private jet flight.


Popularised by platforms such as Wingly, the practice aims to ‘democratise’ business aviation. As an air brokerage company, AEROAFFAIRES has no ambition to offer co-piloting and recommends that you beware of illegal chartering.

Choosing a less expensive appliance.


Choosing a less expensive aircraft can have a significant impact on the price of a private jet flight. The price of a private jet flight varies widely, and depends in particular on :


  • the size of the aircraft
  • the distance travelled
  • the additional services required


Smaller, lighter aircraft, such as light jets or turboprops, often have lower operating costs than larger, more luxurious aircraft such as long-haul jets. Opting for a cheaper private jet therefore undeniably allows travellers to make considerable savings on the price of the flight.


The Flying Jet Card loyalty programme.


At AEROAFFAIRES, we offer a loyalty programme for regular private jet travellers, the Flying Jet Card. It offers a number of privileges as well as the possibility of buying a block of hours directly.


In other words, you buy a certain number of flight hours in advance, offering greater flexibility and preferential fares. What’s more, the time card allows travellers to book their flights quickly and easily, providing a hassle-free experience.


Discover tailor-made aviation with AEROAFFAIRES.


At AEROAFFAIRES, we strive to provide the best possible service and to deliver a service that matches the price quoted. Our solutions are aimed at different customer profiles. You don’t have to be a billionaire to charter a private jet. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with a flexible offer and personalised assistance, from your request for a quote right through to landing. With 30 years’ experience, our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction that lives up to your expectations.


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