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Transporting film crews and production equipment: use private aviation.

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Are you a production company planning to organise a shoot? Do you want to transport your equipment and crew safely between different destinations and filming locations? Our private jet transport solutions are safe, fast and efficient. They ensure the safety of your equipment and crew. In this article, we explain how to transport your film crews and production equipment by private jet with AEROAFFAIRES.


A tailor-made service for the transport of film crews.


Production agencies are increasingly opting to charter a private jet. This is to ensure the transport of their teams to the filming locations. This solution offers several advantages. In addition, it guarantees certain standards in terms of the travel experience.


Timetables adapted to the requirements of the shoot.


Renting a private jet to transport a film crew offers unparalleled flexibility in terms of flight schedules. Unlike commercial aviation, which follows fixed schedules, private aircraft can be scheduled at any time. They adapt to the needs of the production. This allows the film crew to optimise their schedule and maximise their filming time.


In addition, private jets can land at smaller airports. This saves valuable time. With private jets you avoid long and tedious transfers between main airports and remote locations.


Peaceful transport, guaranteed safety.


Transporting a film crew can be a real challenge. Especially if the locations are difficult to access. By chartering a private jet, you can avoid the long queues and delays inherent in commercial flights. This ensures that you arrive at the location quickly and efficiently.


Business aviation terminals (FBOs) also avoid the hustle and bustle of major airports. They offer fast boarding, security and privacy.


Private jets are capable of transporting bulky or fragile equipment. They offer a convenient and safe logistical solution for production teams.


A comfortable trip tailored to your needs.


Chartering a private jet to transport a film crew with AEROAFFAIRES offers an impeccable level of comfort and convenience. Private bathrooms and storage space for luggage and equipment are provided on private jets.


Depending on the specific needs of your team, AEROAFFAIRES can offer additional services such as



Our team will take care of all these services. So you can enjoy the trip and relax. So you can focus on your work.


Which aircraft to choose for transporting a film crew?


As an air broker, AEROAFFAIRES has a virtually unlimited fleet of aircraft to meet its customers’ needs. We work closely with a wide range of air operators. This allows us to offer solutions adapted to each request.


Thanks to this wide range of options and expertise, AEROAFFAIRES is able to find the most suitable aircraft for each situation. These may include :


  • Turboprop aircraft
  • Light or ultra-light private jets
  • Intermediate or long-haul private jets


Need to get an idea of the level of comfort depending on the aircraft? Have a look at our article on the interior of private jets.


For the most comfortable trip possible, we recommend aircraft such as the Global 6500 or the Falcon 6X.


If you are travelling with an extended film crew, please see our page on group flights.

Chartering a private plane to transport film crews and production equipment.


Transporting production equipment is a tedious task. This is especially true when the filming locations are far away or in difficult-to-reach places. This is why more and more production companies are opting for our air freight solutions.


From chartering a private jet to transport small equipment to organising cargo flights, AEROAFFAIRES can meet your expectations.


The advantages of tailor-made aviation for the transport of production materials.


The provision of a private aircraft for the transport of production equipment covers various needs, including


  • Safety of equipment: Production companies can be assured that their equipment will be transported safely, without risk of damage or loss. Business jets can transport even the most delicate equipment. In addition, special attention is paid to the packaging and handling of the cargo.


  • Time saving: Production companies benefit from fast and efficient delivery of their equipment. This is crucial for meeting production deadlines. Private aircraft also offer great flexibility in terms of destinations and scheduling. This allows production companies to adapt quickly to any changes in plans.


  • Logistics issues: Spacious cargo holds can accommodate equipment of all sizes. This gives production companies the opportunity to transport their equipment in an efficient and optimised way. This is particularly advantageous for productions that require heavy equipment (sets, vehicles, sound and light equipment).



What type of aircraft should be chartered to transport film crews and production equipment?


AEROAFFAIRES offers a wide range of options for chartering a private aircraft. This is to ensure the transport of production equipment. For larger equipment, we are able to offer cargo aircraft, such as the Antonov AN-124 or the Boeing 747-400F.


Our team can also offer helicopters for productions requiring difficult access or fast transport, such as outdoor events or urban shoots.


AEROAFFAIRES can transport your film crews and production equipment by private jet.

As an air charter expert, AEROAFFAIRES has a strong sense of service to meet the specific needs of each production. Our customised services guarantee safe and stress-free travel by private jet, while offering an unrivalled level of flexibility. AEROAFFAIRES is committed to providing follow-up throughout the trip to ensure an optimal transport experience.


To obtain a personalised, no-obligation quote, please contact AEROAFFAIRES’ aviation experts by telephone on + 33 (0) 1 44 09 91 82 or by email at, or fill in the online quote form for a quick and efficient response.